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We hope that you will find everything you are looking for here at your online Aikido gi and Iaido gear catalog. Whether you are looking for a keikogi, hakama, Aikido gi, belts or a complete uniform you will find a large selection of clothing to choose from.  

Like many other sports, Aikido and Iaido have their own official and traditional uniforms. The traditional hakama and keikogi can be hard to find, but not here. You can find Aikido belts and Gi, clothing, and keikogi gear here that you won’t find at other sites or stores. There are also many supplies that an Aikido or Iaido martial artist will need throughout their career. 

Your Necessary Aikio Clothing and Iaido Clothing and hakama Gear

Aikido Uniform  
  • Hakama – Stoic pants which are a very traditional part of the uniform.
  • Gi – Jacket of Aikido clothing.
  • Belts – Status representation showing the level of skill you have achieved.
  • Keikogi – Under layer of Aikido or Iaido clothing

Aikido Gear and Iaido Gear 
  • Bokken Sword – Wooden sword used in practicing Aikido
  • Iaido Sword – Steel sword shaped much like a katana.

Quality Aikido Gi and Hakama Gear 
You love Aikido and hakama; you deserve a uniform and belt that will last and keikogi gear that is complete. We don’t sacrifice the smallest of details, but instead strive for quality and durability in all our belts, keikogi and products. We will strive to do all that we can to assure that you are satisfied with the products you purchase from us.

Take a Look
Browse our extensive clothing, belts and hakama gear inventory to find the pieces that will complete your aikido gi uniform in every situation. Our Iaido gear inventory will help compliment your own collection of Iaido weapons and clothing. If you don’t find the belts or keikogi accessories you need or desire contact us today and we will help you find what you are looking for. We take pride in helping each customer find satisfaction in our products and customer service. 

Assuring you look your best in your Aikido Gi uniform and belt  during competition or training will be easy when you shop our selection of clothing. We have all your uniform needs from your belts to your keikogi or Aikido gi.  Don’t forget your Aikido Hakama! We take pride in providing durable quality items our customers love.